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Post by Guest on Sun Feb 14, 2010 5:14 am

Do you have a minimum of 12 bag spots?..Are you level 300 or better.Do you have 5k stamina..Do you have a problem buying offline gear determined by GvG council???....If any of the above is a issue then..well don't be surprised if you are denied entrance to kot4w. Players must be able to support themselves and their gaming habits to join this guild. Please contact Zord or iambrad first to see if you meet our criteria. If so, you will enter an app for the guild to voted on.




This is just to get a feel for folks--By no means will you be denied because of above info
Guild Application Icon_biggrin

Do you have offline set suitable for our GvG activities?

Why do you want to join our guild?

What can you offer our guild?

What style of play do you do?

What do you enjoy the most in FallenSword?

What goals do you have, and what do you hope to achieve from our guild?

What was your last guild and why did you[or do you want to] leave?

Are you willing to actively support your guild mates by joining groups and Buffing?

Are you willing to abide by and follow our Guilds Rules at all times?

How often do you log on to play?

Have you read and do you understand the guild rules?

How many bag spot's do you have?

Is you stamina 5000 or better?

You must accept the fact that the most important issues in any guild are
teamwork and trust! We are a Family, we act as a family, we treat each
other as family and if necessary we defend like family!

The reason our application is so long is because we like our guild atmosphere and we all get along great..If you take the time to fill this application out with meaningful answers then we may have a spot for you Guild Application Icon_wink

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